Who is your favorite Bible character?

We all have a character in the Bible who strikes a particular cord; be it Job, Abraham, Benjamin, Moses, Noah, Peter or even Satan.

Interestingly, the Bible has stood the test of time. While it continues to enchant and transform lost sinners into children of God, we never get tired of the knowledge and inspiration it offers daily.

The Bible is unarguably, the most popular book as no bestseller has recorded more sales than it.

Vince Cheok, a retired lawyer, said in response to this question, ‘I presume you mean “who”?

‘Otherwise I would nominate the ‘Serpent’ or ‘Satan’ and his other references in the Bible because this ‘Joker’ is why we are all here today as sons of exiled Adam after his Fall. And I am here right now writing out this answer.’

Favourite Bible Character

There are lots of amazing stories one can enjoy reading from the Bible, especially about God’s disciples who were saved from terrifying ordeals. The stories are innumerable.

Moses is remembered for his patience

Moses displayed an extreme amount of patience with the Israelites during his 40-year leadership in the wilderness. No one suffered as much as he did leading the hopeless generation that were excited and thankful to God in one minute and complaining the next minute.

Most people would get mad at trivial offenses, but Moses kept on the fight for over 4 decades. Despite the fact that he missed the promised land as punishment from God, I wonder if there are yet people who would have kept their sanity for over year with such a an unfaithful generation.

Abraham is called The Man Of Faith and Noah, The Man Of Endurance

Abraham and Sarah were childless until he was 100 years old and his wife, 90, when God finally promised him a son. The birth of Issac came with so much joy and relief from shame, as most people would have it today. Yet, God tested his loyalty with the only thing that mattered to him.

Imagine a man building a boat for 55 good years in preparation for the flood, which people thought was a hoax. Noah was 500 years old at this time. Although he used help from his sons, arranging both animals and birds in pairs would have proved a hard task for anyone, but he did it. That is endurance at work!

Yvonne from the United Kingdom said, ‘Ruth is my favorite. The lifestyle and commitment of a godly woman, Naomi, influenced another, Ruth, to dedicate her life to God. As a result, Ruth became an ancestor of Jesus. What a powerful witness and example to follow.’

Hans Zeit from New Zealand picked Job, saying, ‘Job’s three friends are an example, if not necessarily a positive one. How easily we judge people without understanding what’s going on behind the scenes.’

Max Williams, an armchair physicist with a love for explanation and argument, said: ‘Hmm, seems kind of obvious but I think I’ll go for Jesus Christ, who was killed for trying to get people to behave towards each other in a more kind, and less selfish, way. Someone who sacrificed everything to try to make the world a nicer place to live in, and to spread a message of “love thy neighbor”.’

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