When Nigerians Attack On The Social Media.

Please read the story culled from Naij (a news website) about a bus driver who disappeared after an accident. This is the background of attacks and counter-attacks on the social media between Nigerians who seem to find troubles where they don’t exist.

These are my country people and I love the way we live. 

Subject: A new tactic used by commercial bus drivers was discovered yesterday, June 8.

A road accident involving a commercial Toyota Sienna at Ihiala in Anambra state was what revealed how commercial drivers disappears using juju whenever any accident occurs.

The Toyota Sienna lost balance and somersaulted into the bush, killing 1 woman and leaving 4 injured close to Ihiala lga headquarters along Onitsha-Owerri road, with the driver nowhere to be found.

The accident scene

An eyewitness reported that when the people around ran towards the accident scene to rescue the survivors, they found the passengers but the driver was missing. They couldn’t find the driver of the vehicle on the steering.

Hear what a Passenger who survived the crash with minor injuries said:

“The driver was driving normal but as soon as we got to that down hill, we saw he was struggling with the car and its like the brake failed and the steering refuse to turn. We were shouting Jesus Jesus until we crashed into the gully beside the road but what really surprised me was the fact that somebody I was sitting next to the driver and I don’t know how he vanished. Immediately the accident happened he could not be seen. 

accident scene2

“People who rushed to help thought I was the driver but when I started asking after the driver everybody became surprised. They looked everywhere but he could not be found. I do watch this thing in movies but today I witnessed it myself, this life is a mystery.”

Another witness who helped rescue the trapped passengers who survived simply identified as Ezekiel said,

“It is still a mystery to me. Immediately the accident happened, we all rushed to the scene to see if I could rescue the occupant of the car but funny enough, the driver was nowhere to be found. It is believed that he disappeared. That’s what most of them do. It is called native life insurance, they make the charm and keep it in a safe location and when they have accident, they will disappear and reappear where they kept the charm. most of these drivers do it, that’s why they drive like people who are mad. Even those men who dig bore hole usually do it in case the pit collapses. it is not a new thing. It’s common.”

Nawa oo!

Niyi Olomi Taiwo ·

The poor driver is probably lying dead under the vehicle! Imagine if this ‘disappearing’ technology were true, the whole world would beat a path to the door of the inventor! Of course, we know it is all lies.
Joshua Umoh ·

Works at Self-Employed
hmmmm.. super story
Ilupeju Oluwole ·

Its a lie! The driver might have been flunged out before car came to standstill.Check the surrounding bush !Probably the car came to rest on his lifeless body.
You are Mumu all of you that believe in this “juju” story.
Omoniyi Giddyseun ·

A pharmacist that think like a monkey in a zoo n talks like a buffon. With ur qualification u can’t prefect ur words towards a general veiw.
Like · Reply · 22 mins
Nafiu Habibu ·

Wonder should never end
Prince Halmas ·

My friend is wonder shall never end and not that way you wrote it, or are you ordering wonder never to end?
which school you attends? go back and start again
Your name even sounds like that JUJU
Like · Reply · 44 mins
Emmanuel Takon ·

Mr. Prince Halmas, it’s not which school you attends… attends? I think you definitely should join Nafiu friend in his back in the days school, SABI SABI
Like · Reply · 20 mins

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