When Football Fans Go Gaga

It’s undeniable that soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Safety of the large number of fans who turn up at every football match, therefore, could pose a big threat to stadium security personnel as lives are loss and many get injured during emergency situations.

Quite a lot of times, football fanatics go out of control and sh** happens.

During this weekends soccer match between Arsenal and Tottenham at White Heart Lane, the police had to intervene on horse back in a fracas that ensued before kick-off. Some were knocked to the floor while a few had head wounds with blood trickling down their faces. It was a bloody scene. 

A fan with a head injury outside the ground before the matchReuters /

Image: An injured football fan.

About 10 visiting fans who are supposedly Arsenal fans has been arrested and may be charged for vandalizing properties in the stadium after Arsenal won 2-1.

Spurs began the afternoon three points ahead of their arch-rivals in second place in the league table.

Football promotes peace and not hate or racism. If we love the game, why do we hate to lose when we can’t win all the time?

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