What’s your motivation as an Entrepreneur?

Having a quality education might be an advantage most successful business owners have but it is never a guarantee for achievements.

Starting a business can be difficult most times and sometimes easy; the problem isn’t about how big or small you started but what driving force you have. 

A business establishment can have a huge capital and yet crumble just as it started but there are many who started from the scratch with very little or nothing, and made it through.

Businesses with clear-cut plans, knowledge and commitment will always survive the competition in the long-run.

Entrepreneurs need to adapt to changing circumstances with survival instincts, entrepreneurship is like a war; a battle field where all is fair (excluding going against the laws).

What’s your driving force for starting that business?

“Being an entrepreneur gives you the opportunity to take a calculated risk on a passion.” – Francesco Clark, founder, Clark’s Botanicals

“I love being an entrepreneur because I am able to set my own schedule around my family life. Being a busy mom of two, I have the flexibility to schedule clients around my children’s sports, school schedules and doctor appointments.” – Stacy Haynes, CEO and counseling psychologist, Little Hands Family Services

“The best part of being an entrepreneur is that I am constantly rediscovering myself. Every day, I rediscover my passion for what I’m pursuing, my strength in tough situations, and my resilience when there’s an obstacle.”– Alexandra Pierson, founder, springpop

‘I love owning my own business because I feel there is always something that I can do to improve. Whether it be writing a new blog post, scheduling social media, getting music therapy for dogs, or reaching out to new organizations, there is always something to keep me busy.’ –Claire Coder, founder and CEO, Aunt Flow

“Being an entrepreneur is great because you literally own your destiny. If you want to earn more money, work harder and it happens.” – Natalie Bidnick Andreas, digital and content marketing strategist

“The best part of being an entrepreneur is the ability to create something from nothing. I get to bring new programs and ideas to my clients and to hard- working professionals every day.” – Kristi Daniels, founder,Thrive 9 to 5

I get to travel wherever I want, hang out with whoever I meet, and take photos of whatever interests me, which is one of my biggest passions.” –Caleb Beal, founder and owner, One Story Road

“Nothing pushes me to work harder and smarter than the responsibility of having my name on the door. Running a business — and being responsible for other people’s well-being and income — gives me the motivation and discipline to be the hardest-working version of myself.” – Natalie Zfat, social media influencer and co-founder, The Social Co.

“I think being an entrepreneur is great because the possibilities are endless. You can be as creative and innovative as you want to be and the results are the most rewarding.” – Anneliece Velasco, owner, Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Smithtown

“Being an entrepreneur allows me to create my own definition of success. I do not have to sit at a desk for a specific period of time, turn in X number of projects and hit specific goals, or make it into the President’s club to be successful.” – Danielle Tate, CEO, MissNowMrs.com

“Being an entrepreneur is great because one can respond to opportunity quickly. In my previous corporate life, decision making could take so long that the opportunity actually vanished before all the parties could get together to make a decision to proceed.” – Peter Pierce, founder and CEO, Hamptons Salt Co.

“The best part of being an entrepreneur is contributing something larger than yourself. Entrepreneurs solve problems and bring a product or service to the world that people need. Sure you have the opportunity to get paid well, but giving livelihood to others and crafting the world you want to see is way more fulfilling.” – Matt Wilson, co-founder, Under30Experiences

“My business is almost 100 percent online, so I also have the freedom to live in other countries as I work. It allows me to expand my mind, learn new languages, and experience the world in a way few others do.” – Jill Loeffler, owner, DreamExploreInspire.com

“One of the things I enjoy the most about being a founder is creating a culture that supports my values.” –Jessica Greenwalt, founder, Pixelkeet

“Being an entrepreneur is great because you can let your freak flag fly. The mental release of all your wildest visions and creative expressions are yours to achieve.” – David Farley, CEO, Luxi

“At the end of the day, the best part of being an entrepreneur is that it forces me to become a better me. I am forced to learn, change, adapt, get tough, and innovate, and since no one in the world could be harder on me than me, I will continue to improve.” – William Kehler, founder, Manhattan Moonshine

“Being an entrepreneur is greatest when it fulfills that inner desire to prove yourself right. It’s the kind of satisfaction that only comes when you are growing at a remarkable pace and you have the gears in place to make it work right.” – Cody Miles, creative director, Brandcave

“Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to create a career that didn’t even exist before I made it up.” – Lisa Spector, co-founder, Through a Dog’s Ear

“You are not waiting for a boss to notice your well-done work to give you a promotion or a raise. You earn it the moment you earn it; the reward is immediate.” – Rebecca Bennett, founder, CityFitLA

“What I like best is that I feel like I’m actually doing something to make a difference. I’m really building something, really arranging a thing, rather than just pushing papers [and] digital files around for someone else.” –Duke York, co-founder and director of finances, Punto Space

“For me, it is a source of energy [and] pride and leaves me at the end of each day knowing I worked incredibly hard and feeling fulfilled.” – Ron Perry, founder, egniteBIZ

“I am an introvert. I enjoy having privacy and interacting with people on my own terms. Being an entrepreneur got me out of office politics and time-wasting efforts such as meetings and teleconferences.” – Kristin Bales, owner, KJB Writing Services

I can decide my own hours and I can hire amazing people from all over to create the best team. I get to be the creator and see my business take shape and grow. What can be more exciting than that?” – Carina Tannenberg, owner, Bed of Nails

“What I love most about having my own business is the ability to arrange my life around my own priorities, energy and preferred work rhythms.” – Elene Cafasso, founder and president, Enerpace

“I never feel like I’m going to work. It doesn’t feel like work because I’m doing exactly what I want to do, and I enjoy it.” – Darci Upham, franchise owner and vacation specialist, CruiseOne“As an entrepreneur, you add value to society, as some product or service exists in the world because of you.” – Mike Oeth, CEO, OnSip

“I love being an entrepreneur because of control. Control has a negative connotation, but to me, it’s something beautiful and powerful.” – Felena Hanson, founder, Hera Hub

“I can tell myself to go to hell and not worry about being fired.” – MJ Pedone, founder and CEO, Indra Public Relations

“Becoming an entrepreneur has given me a unique and remarkable opportunity to reconnect with and assist people in the Philippines and also celebrate my Filipino culture.” – Tessa Yutadco, founder and CEO, My Prime Skin Care

“When my boss told me to stay in my lane, I knew I had to do something else. The day I walked into my office and had the ability to grow my company was the day I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be.” –Brittany Ringersen, CEO and founder, Lighthouse Recovery Institute

“The best part? Being able to say ‘my company.’” – Brian Pfeiffer, creator and CEO, Design a Tea

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  1. hey! Mezie, this post is just so powerful. loving the simplistic and clear-cut examples buttressed here. The “Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to create
    a career that didn’t even exist before I made it
    up.” by Lisa Spector got me thinking. Found new ideas.
    thanks for becoming one of my cheerleaders. together we can say cheers at the top. Have a great Tuesday. you rock!
    much love, George

  2. I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but
    your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back later on. Many thanks

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