What you should know before buying shares

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The question asked by a newbie stock investor will probably relate to the best place for buying and selling shares. Can anyone purchase shares, or are you required to have a license to buy shares? Can you purchase shares online from home? Is it difficult? What is the minimum investment when buying stocks? These are the questions that are probably flying in your head too! The good news is that you can buy shares online using your home computer, you don’t need a license, it is a pretty simple process, and the minimum investment can be as low as $1.

Before explaining an example of buying and selling shares, we need to compare stock trading platforms, so that you understand which option is suitable for you. Generally, you can put all online and mobile trading platforms into two categories: your local banks and CFD Forex brokers. You can also use many brokers and advisors to buy or sell shares for you, but note that those agents will usually charge you for a significant amount in their commissions. It may be better to start investing stocks yourself (just with a small amount of money) until you understand how the financial markets work.

The main advantage of using your local bank’s share trading platform is that you can have some type of free person-to-person consultation in your bank’s branch. You may be fond of communicating with people and prefer things explained in person. If the banking sector is relatively reliable in your country, that may be an option for you. The downside of this method is the high price that you usually pay to access your bank’s share trading software. Moreover, you will also need to pay for each trade you complete. This fee stands even if someone buys shares for you. The other thing that you need to know about the traditional share trading process is that your bank will not usually offer any shares of foreign companies.