What they don’t tell you about male masturbation

Arguments about the pros and cons of male masturbation is as old as the world and it is not about to change because health experts admit everyone is a champ at it. Every has played the flute at a point in their lives, there’s no shame in it, but you must have been to erroneously think you knew it all.

It is never too late to learn, ladies and gentlemen.


Here are some hands-on experience you’ve been awfully missing.

Masturbation lacks the same health benefits you are guaranteed from sex:

Scientific studies revealed that sexual intercourse has some amazing health benefits for men; it reduces body pains and decreases your chance of developing prostrate cancer, heart problems and high blood pressure. All these, you would have thought, should also come from solo sex but nay – masturbation doesn’t give you equal rewards.

Male ejaculation, whether achieved during sex or through self-effort, is the same except that the body interprets it differently.

Experts say even the semen produced on these occasions have different makeup.

According to Tobias S. Köhler, a managing director and associate professor at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield, ‘Not all organisms are created equally.’

However, people who prefer masturbation to real sex have something to celebrate, their chances of prostrate cancer also plateaus with the act.

Masturbation is prone to risks:

Men do suffer emergencies during sex; a forceful twisting or bending of an erect penis can rupture the chambers filled with blood and cause a painful medical emergency known as “penile fracture.”

Masturbation comes with a low-risk too, despite claims that it is the safest form of sex. At least, no one contracts sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or gets pregnant from rocking his/her boat.

Köhler said, however, that too much masturbation can change the shape of one’s penis.

In his words, ‘After some vigorous masturbation rounds, you’d begin to see your penis look like an eggplant. It changes color and appears swollen – sometimes, tilted to one side. Most men need surgery for reconstruction and balancing.’

There is no limit to how many times you can masturbate in a day:

For anyone who can’t get enough of masturbation, there is no need panicking for your health – it doesn’t really matter how many times you jerk off.

Health experts say you are good if you have a normal, satisfying life and are able to match the act with your daily schedules.

The frequency of masturbation only becomes a problem when it discourages you from having normal sexual relationships or causes loss of sexual appetite (for couples). You might want to consider seeing a sex therapist of you are always late for work from the routine exercise. This can be expensive too, especially when it takes away your productive time.

Compulsive masturbation, just like every other bad habit, deserves some discipline. And Logan Levkoff, PhD, a sexologist and sex educator, advised men to apply some balance.

Masturbation has nothing to do with awesome or terrible relationships:

Most men masturbate because they derive pleasure from doing so, and it has no impact in their relationships – whether single or married.

Someone in a healthy relationship can enjoy solo sex as much as those in rocky relationships. It can be an “impulsive” action that has nothing to do their partners.

Levkoff said, ‘Masturbation isn’t just about sex…For many people, it’s only another way of relieving stress or calming your head before strenuous jobs. It serves as a sleeping pill for a lot of people.

‘I think women will feel as much satisfied with their sex lives if they masturbate like their partners, too,’ Levkoff added on the fact that masturbation isn’t without benefits, after all.