What makes Ibos a special race

Peter Obi

Culturally, we are wired to seek the best at all times and in all circumstances!

But being Igbo would not earn you an advantage with the Igbo over a more competent non-Igbo that ticks the desired boxes…

…we admire hardwork
…honesty is a desirable virtue among my people
…competence is a character trait one must have to become a leader
…justice is a given and we even have deities charged with dispensing justice!

Being Igbo is a gift of birth…
…it doesn’t make you better than others
…you must earn your place in life as any
…you ain’t better than a Yoruba or Hausa or something
…but there are minimum standards expected of you in the Igbo cosmology to be called a man of honour.


These values drive our philosophy and worldviews!

You don’t earn respect by the circumstances of birth but by the qualities you’re made of!

And this is reflected in how we select those that represent us…
…barring the incidences of actions of a criminal organisation as INEC.…we would always select the best among us to represent us!

We rejected Emefiele as CBN as his views are antithetical to our collective Igbo ideology.

We rejected Chibuike Amaechi as his actions do not reflect our average desires…

We rejected Umahi for his philosophy is extremely strange to what we know…

We reject Okowa as we don’t betray the desires or the collective..
We reject Soludo as we are not permitted to denigrate our first eleven…

But we love Ambode because he exhibits qualities we respect…
Akinwunmi is loved for he’s competent, brilliant and forthright…
Obasanjo we revere for he exhibits the traits of a serious and just leader despite his flaws.

Jonathan is loved by us because of his integrity and decency…
And Yaradua, sad we were to see him go for he had compassion…

Orji Uzor wants to be senate president; we prefer Shekau or Oluomo.

How could we reject our own pitch our tent with another?

Because these indecent and incompetent creatures creatures of neither capacity nor compassion would claim to be Igbo while they don’t represent anyone but Sat@n and his relatives!

We mostly align with decency, competence, capacity and character! We’d be damned to support a rogue or charlatan because he was our kinsman! We don’t do that one bit as it is our culture to put our best before us!

NB: I’d choose Osinbajo over Okorocha anyday. I’d have a Datti over an Uzodimma anytime. We’d have an Ambode over a Umahi, and have an Obi over a Tinubu anytime anyday…and twice on Sundays!!!

We vote decency and merit over kinship! Our choices affect our future and our culture has programmed us to always go for the best despite ethnic affinity!

Being Igbo is a gift, yet we still must earn it!

And we will NOT apologise for whom we are!
For our culture demands the best of all humans!!

Igbo kwe’nu!
Ndi’Igbo, kwe’nu!!
…kwe zu’enu oooooh!!!!💪💪💪👏👏👏
Baron Roy

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