What is nobility of character?

I was inspired to write this article about nobility of character after reading through Anthony Brandt’s work, where he explained the need for everyone to be upright in action, thoughts and deeds.

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It is true that acts have consequences. You don’t get away with anything. That’s the nature of the world; for some people, it’s called Karma.

There is great need for us to treat people with respect, apply honesty at all times, desist from defaming innocent people, and bear no grudges against offenders – instead, treat them with kindness.

Complaining about your misfortunes, especially to others who, in most cases, turn their back on you with torments and gossips, is a good example of why you should trust God and talk to Him in good and bad times.

Most importantly, character is all we have. Life is a mystery; it is given and taken at will by our maker, and its meaning remains hidden. Everything around us changes. We do, too.

Money cannot buy life, no matter the quality of security we provide for ourselves and family. To an extent, it can buy good health, yet, life itself is not guaranteed.

What is life, after all? We can acquire knowledge, but we can lose it, too.

Character alone is a true acquisition and the source of wisdom; it alone truly lasts, even when we’re gone from this world.

According to the Greeks, “Character is fate.” This implies that you have no one to blame but yourself, for without character, you have few defenses except to drift downstream and bounce off rocks and in the end, are prepared for nothing.”