What can you do for love?

This is another story of a common man whose love was so strong that even a mountain couldn’t stand a chance. It’s a story of an ordinary man Dashrath Manjhi from India.

The Story:

Dashrath Manjhi was a poor coal miner before he met the love of his life. They lived happily in the remote village and each day, her wife would trek through a mountain to bring him lunch.


Image: Dashrath Manjhi

During this daily ritual, one day, she slipped and fell off the cliff. He could only watch helplessly, as she flew through the air and landing hard on the ground.

He cradled her in his arms, screamed, cried for help. He watched her die in his arms.

But vowed that no other villager would know such pain,

“I could not bear it. If it took all my life now, I would carve us a road through the mountain,” he said.


He sold his 3 goats to buy the tools. Armed with only a sledgehammer, chisel, and crowbar, he spent every single day breaking up rock after rock.

He worked from the moment the sunrose, until late in the night. Every day for over 22 years, just for her love.

The Mountain Man carved a road stretching over 300 feet taking the journey to town from 40 miles to less than 1.

When he lost his wife, Dashrath lost his life’s path, but he knew it’s never too late to carve out a new one…

“I started this work out of love for my wife but continued it for my people. If I didn’t, no one would,” he said.

So, what can you do for your love?