What Brits love most about KFC

KFC fans in the UK eat over 700 million pieces of chicken a year.

To mark National Fried Chicken day, the fast food outlet conducted a study that showed Brits devour a huge amount of chicken each year and revealed that the countries favorite meal is the Boneless Banquet, selling over 16 million meals a year and over 230 million pieces of boneless fried chicken.

The research also showed that the UK goes cuckoo for KFC’s Mini Fillet burgers, selling over 14 million one a year and purchases on average one pot of gravy every minute in the UK and Northern Ireland.

Brits also love fries, selling over 280 million portions – which is enough to cover the circumference of the world 15,000 times over – as well Hot Wing, which sells over 170 million each year and equates to nearly 7,200 miles when laid out, which is the distance between London and Mumbai.