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What Brits love most about KFC

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL - FEBRUARY 17: An employee serves a portion of Kentucky Fried Chicken and chips at the international chain's local franchise February 17, 2006 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Officials are trying to reassure consumers that it is safe to eat well cooked poultry following the discovery of the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu in swans in Europe. According to the Times newspaper of London, viruses are reportedly destroyed by cooking for at least one minute at 75C (167F) or higher. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)
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KFC fans in the UK eat over 700 million pieces of chicken a year.

To mark National Fried Chicken day, the fast food outlet conducted a study that showed Brits devour a huge amount of chicken each year and revealed that the countries favorite meal is the Boneless Banquet, selling over 16 million meals a year and over 230 million pieces of boneless fried chicken.

The research also showed that the UK goes cuckoo for KFC’s Mini Fillet burgers, selling over 14 million one a year and purchases on average one pot of gravy every minute in the UK and Northern Ireland.

Brits also love fries, selling over 280 million portions – which is enough to cover the circumference of the world 15,000 times over – as well Hot Wing, which sells over 170 million each year and equates to nearly 7,200 miles when laid out, which is the distance between London and Mumbai.

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