What American voters think of the 2020 elections

Fewer than one-third of Americans think the 2020 elections will be held in an honest, open manner, according to a new Public Affairs Council survey released Thursday. 

“We’ve never seen an American election with so much doubt about whether the results will reflect the will of the voters,” said Public Affairs Council President Doug Pinkham. “The question is whether these concerns produce record turnout or discourage infrequent voters from casting their ballots.”

According to the poll, conducted with Morning Consult of 2,199 adults between August 19-21:

  • 29% of Americans have faith that the elections will be run in an honest and open way.
  • 21% think the elections will be neither honest nor open.
  • 18% believe the elections will be open to everyone with a right to vote but won’t be run in an honest way.
  • 14% said the elections will be honest but not adequately open.

The poll also showed Democrats are more worried about the integrity of the elections:

  • 45% of Republicans said they are concerned about honesty, openness, or both.
  • 61% of Democrats and 51% of independents said they are concerned.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday would not commit to whether he’d accept a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the November election, but on Thursday he said he’d accept a Supreme Court ruling on the outcome if it comes to that.