What a bad way to seek inspiration!

Poet seeking inspiration stranded on cliff for hours

Chinese man seeking inspiration on a mountain.

Some people take drugs to find inspiration. Others pray and many more read to get motivation. The story is, however, different for a poet in China. A 40-year-old man in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province who claimed to be a poet decided to climb a barren mountain in search of creative inspiration. He then ran out of luck and somehow was stranded on a cliff. 

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While he was halfway up the mountain, wearing leather shoes that were slippery, the dry sand and gravel made it easy to fall, so he couldn’t continue climbing but was also afraid to come down. He managed to stay in a small dent, and called the police, but it took hours for them to spot him on the isolated mountain.

Poet seeking inspiration stranded on cliff for hours

After being stranded for five hours, he was rescued by local police, who were secured by ropes dangling from above the mountain to pick him up.

On his way getting off the mountain, the poet smoked a cigarette to calm himself down.

Critics say he’ll be too scared to climb even a staircase now. Who needs inspiration on a cliff, anyways?

Poet seeking inspiration stranded on cliff for hours

On several occasions,  people have attempt suicide only to find out they’re afraid to die. Some web users said he might have found his way up there for suicide but could continue with his plan, thanks to emergency services who brought back a soul from hell.

“Not on this particular day and never again in this way”, he must have told himself.

Poet seeking inspiration stranded on cliff for hours

People watching as the man was taken down from the cliff by firemen.

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