Forbidden architectural works in China

"Cities will no longer be allowed to build more 'meaningless and weird' structures devoid of cultural tradition in the future," according to a new directive from the central government of China. The State Council and the Communist Party of China Central Committee issued the directive on Sunday. It says buildings should be "suitable, economic, green and pleasing to the eye." Cities have built some unusually shaped buildings to create memorable skylines in recent years, but many have drawn criticism. Here are some of the odd-shaped buildings. 1 Building 1, called "The Big Underpants" in Beijing. 

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Building 2, called “Oriental Gate” in Suzhou.


Building 3, called “the Riding Boot” in Shanghai.


Building 4, looks like a “Bronze Coin” in Guangzhou.


5. A “Twisted Building” in Xiamen.


6. A hotel in Hebei.


7. A building in Jilin city.


8. A “tea-pot shaped” house in Jiangsu Province. It has 10 floors.


9. This 73.8-meter tall teapot-shaped building is a tea museum in Meitan county in China’s southwestern province of Guizhou.


10. The grand piano and- violin-shaped Urban Planning Exhibition Hall of Shannan New Area is pictured in Huainan city.


11. A giant metal ring was built in the city of Fushun, northeastern province of Liaoning.


12. A 66.8-meter bottle-shaped building belongs to the baijiu producer Wuliangye Group in Yibin.

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