Weird marketing strategies from China

If you’ve had a chance to stroll around most supermarkets in China, not on your normal busy days, anyway, it would be easy to spot some strange but attractive combinations of items such a free batteries attached to snickers bars.


The sellers probably don’t need education to know what works because they can smartly add up 1 and 1. Knowing exactly what people want as gifts, is the trick.
However, we can hardly understand why the Chinese tend to give really unrelated things as incentives to buy certain products. There are numerous examples I’ve witnessed:

– Buy one packet of biscuits, get a free teacup.

-Buy a role of noodles, get a spoon.

– Buy 3 packs of Oreos, get a free tote bag, which you can subsequently use to proudly carry-out your newly-purchased Oreos. Great!

-Buy a cell phone, get a free set of glassware (guaranteed to break within 30 days or your money back).

-Buy this out-of-date Orange Juice, and get a free cheap plastic food container.

And my personal favorite so far is:

– Buy this cell-phone plan for 30RMB, or by the exact same cell phone plan for 50RMB, and receive a free knife set!  Brilliant! Isn’t it? They know you there will be need for self-defense.

Another attractive offer:

Deposit 100 RMB in a restaurant, get a ticket for food worth 120 RMB; for 150, get 200 kuai, with no deadline on when you must use up the cash.


If you read this without smiling, please, take this girl with you. She’s not my girlfriend ooo!