Weinstein goes to prison

New York state inmate No. 20B0584, once one of Hollywood’s most powerful figures, arrived at a maximum-security prison near Buffalo Wednesday.

Harvey Weinstein, who turns 68 on Thursday, was sent from Rikers Island to the Wende Correctional Institute in Alden, NY, for evaluation, Bloomberg reports.

Authorities say Weinstein, who is serving a 23-year sentence for rape and sexual assault, will be held at Wende during the evaluation and classification process and may remain there afterward. The AP notes that it is an “inauspicious homecoming” for Weinstein, who went to university in Buffalo and started out in the entertainment industry by working as a concert promoter in the area.

While at the upstate facility, Weinstein will be evaluated to determine his medical needs and security classification before being assigned to a state prison.

Former inmate Herbert Morales, now a fellow at the Correctional Association of New York, tells Page Six that during the process, Weinstein will have had to surrender his property before being shaved, “deliced,” and given his prison clothes.

“He’ll get boots, sneakers, three pairs of state pants, four pairs of state shirts, a state coat, several pairs of state underwear, several T-shirts,” Morales says.

Authorities say Weinstein, who was sentenced last week, will not be eligible for parole until Nov. 9, 2039.