We Bury IS Fighters not out of Love but to avoid Diseases

A local police officer in Baghdad has revealed how much the people hate burying dead Islamic State fighters who never bother about ending up in mass graves once they’re promised “paradise.”


The Islamic State group successfully recruits its fighters – young and old – from far and near but none of the jihadists ever worries about living once promises of a better afterlife are made. Sights of dead bodies buried in mass graves and decaying corpses left at the mercy of wild animals are, obviously, ineffective in putting fear among them.

As the IS strongholds fall to superior powers around Middle East, a local police officer Mohammed al-Juburi told AFP that people are tired of burying dead bodies but had to do it as an obligation to save their own lives.

‘They [deceased IS fighters] should have served as meat for stray dogs,’ Mohammed said. ‘We bury them because we want to avoid an epidemic.’

Air strikes against jihadists in Iraq and Syria have killed over 80,000 since 2014. The military onslaught against IS, a terror group which once laid claims to a large territory, has greatly reduced its number of soldiers and size of the acquired “caliphate”.

The death toll is believed to be higher if numbers from those killed by Russian and Syrian military are added.


Horrific sights of human remains poking out from the dusty ground in Dhuluiyah, a small Iraqi town located about 55 miles of Baghdad, makes life miserable for its inhabitants. There are flies everywhere near a shallow grave dug in 2015 to bury IS soldiers killed in battle.

Situated on the banks on River Tigris, Dhuluiyah is an agriculture-based community. Residents were indecisive on what to do with the corpses of those killed by local Sunni militiamen, Mohammed explained.

The community later decided on digging a mass grave but withdrew from performing Islamic rites for the dead.

‘We wanted them thrown into the river but we need the water to live. Polluting it with dead bodies would be unwise,’ said the local policeman. Mohammed’s brother reportedly died in the violence.

Another farmer named Shalan al-Juburi added: ‘Villagers in the community and their animals drink from River Tigris. We had to bury them with bulldozers.

‘Even as they lay dead beneath the ground, they’re still mired in their own filth. They were deceived into believing that they would go to paradise and enjoy the gardens of delight but this is how they end up – in mass graves.’