Watch mysterious Snake come out of a Sick Woman’s VJ (18+)

Viewers discretion advised!

This is not a story intended to impress anyone rather it’s aimed at exposing the evil side of magic, which has been dichotomized as left-hand path and right-hand path.

Black magic, also known as dark magic, traditionally refers to the use of supernatural powers for evil and selfish purposes.

While black magic is considered as the left-hand path, white magic is regarded as benevolent.

If there’s actually any goodwill in white magic, it may not be far from whatever that counteracts the evils of black magic.

In this modern world, most people define and use magic for ritualistic purposes, erasing the existence of what the world knows as white magic – in theory and practice. However, the story you are about to see in picture, may be a war between evil and good.

A Facebook video which has gone viral since it surfaced online, shows a small snake coming out of sick woman’s vag***. The reptile was forced out of this victim of black magic whose country of origin was not mentioned.

The pictures you are about to see, shows the extent which people with diabolic arts can go to put evil spells on others.

May God save us from these dark forces.

“Lord have mercy! Evil prowls this earth,” a social media commenter who was shocked at this sight, wrote.

“All the astonishing diabolical stories of snakes and the vagina are true!

“Ladies I beg you by the mercies of God be careful who you become intimate with. This video is only for the strong. I shudder. Lord have mercy!!”

The story is believed to have come Burkina Faso.

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