C. Ronaldo Can Play Football even at 41, ex-Portugal Fitness Coach says

Cristiano Ronaldo recently extended his contract with Real Madrid and told reporters that he’s not considering retirement at this time. The 31-year-old said he remains fully committed to representing his club and country.

“After what happened at the Euro I sent out a clear message. I think that Portugal deserved to win the title,” Ronaldo said as he celebrates his new 5-year deal at the Santiago Bernabeu.

“Ever since I was 18 I’ve been playing for Portugal and since I was named captain I’ve taken Portugal to new heights. No, I’m not contemplating early retirement from the national team,” the country’s most-capped and highest-scoring player added.

Joao Aroso, a former Portugal fitness coach, collaborated Ronaldo’s desire to keep playing football until his body denies him the chance, saying that’s exactly what he wants to do.

The coach says CR7 can play until he’s 41, adding that this can only happen if he’s lucky with injuries.

“If he doesn’t have any problems with injuries, he can definitely make it to 41,” Aroso said, according to a report from Portuguese Expresso.

“I’m not saying he’s different, but he has a set of special characteristics.

“Despite gradually losing pace as the years go by, he’ll never be a slow player.

“Even at an older age, he’ll keep on outfoxing defences with his finishing ability and his experience.”

Talking about his expectations for the upcoming Ballon d’Or, the 31-year-old Real Madrid star said: “To win the European Championship and get this contract, it’s already a dream year.