Walking with the God of impossibilities this 2019 and beyond


Extraordinary God

Many people really don’t know there are God possibilities each and every day. Even believers can be blinded by the worlds’ view of life and fail to know what is theirs through God’s Son, Jesus. Briefly stated, there are God possibilities just waiting for people, but sadly so many don’t know how to receive them.

We want to help you move into more of God Possibilities this year through a weekly study. These are meant to engage your mind and heart to receive the truth of God’s Word and provisions. What you glean won’t impact your life until you put it into practice, and we encourage you to do so as you study and dig into the Word. The Holy Spirit will help as your teacher emphasizing certain scriptures to you. Pay attention as the Word pops out to you. Then engage that Word in your heart so it is transformed from what you read and learned to what you know and believe.

Let’s look at the man who brought his demon-possessed son to Jesus in Mark 9. Evidently the father had seen or heard Jesus teach, and maybe had even heard testimonies of people’s lives changed because of Jesus. He came to Jesus not looking for the reason but hopefully for the solution because he loved his son. Yet, he wasn’t totally certain Jesus could heal him because he told Jesus if you can. He thought Jesus might be able to help yet he wasn’t sure Jesus would. He sounds like a lot of believers today. Maybe it sounds like you.

Jesus requested the son be brought to him, yet he spoke first to the father in verse 23 NIV.

“And Jesus said to him, “‘If You can?’ All things are possible to him who believes.”

Jesus presented the key for this man and those listening. If you need Jesus to do something for you that is in line with His finished work on the Cross, you must believe that He can and will do what He says. The man replied, as many of us do at times, I believe Lord…help my unbelief.

Unbelief could have stopped the man, yet even with a small amount ofbelief/faith and because Jesus is full of compassion, he took the man’s initial step of faith and healed his son.

If you can believe all things are possible when you believe God, you’re well on the road to seeing God’s possibilities this year. If you’re still not sure that your believer is not fully operational, you need to convince your heart and mind to believe God’s possibilities. How can you do that? By feeding on the Word. Feed on the promises of God. And you do that with continually meditating on the Word, receiving that Word, making it personal for you, and seeing that Word working in your life.

Here is where the rubber meets the road. Believing takes place in your heart as Romans 10:10, NIV says: “For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.”

Allow God’s Word to change the beliefs of your heart. That’s why it’s important to continually meditate on God’s Word. By doing so you’ll filling your heart with the truth and your ‘believer’ is strengthened. Then from your believing heart, you can speak with confidence God’s promises.

Don’t let unbelief keep you from everything that Jesus has for you and your God-ordained possibilities this year.

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