Walking Snakes

A human race with the brains of a snake

smiling with the face of a lost angel

Couples robed in misery and bitterness

hiding Jehovah witnesses’ weakness

A sad life of deceit and secrets!

She’s a sneaky, weepy freak from the creeks

kissing a sick, hippie Greek with side chicks

His scheming, skimming skills like the nine Muses

Bonny ‘n’ Clyde with messy, low-life jigs

No snakes ever beguilingly devious


A man with fists clenched to a super glue

Cigarette in his botched mouth when he’s blue

Never has a worthless coin to spend on friends

Blends so well with the trend when a girl spends

An extraordinary bloke he is!

In his blazers and pair of tired sneakers

he always snoops with despair for leakers,

clutching his sneaky Clyde like a Prada

They deceive those who believe their bad rap

It’s always hard to know he’s a broke ass


They’re venomous mambas in green grass

His Jagger moves, a brash swag without class

Like the python squeeze, he’s at ease with kills

One shot, five kills like famous David Wills

His snaky side chick a die-hard fan of

G.I. Joe, she has no reason to cheer

Squeaky, squeaky beats her black heart

A sharp dagger searching for souls to pierce

Her crazy twirls and turns behind closed doors,

a flexuous tactics with meatballs for Moors