Victoria Woods Lost Her Battle With Cancer.

Victoria Wood has reportedly lost her battle with cancer.


She died at the age of 62. Victoria is the latest star we have lost so far within the first four months of this year 2016. The world of entertainment has recorded too many deaths this year.

Victoria was one of the great British comedians and all-round entertainers of her generation. She wrote dramas, sketches and popular sitcoms among her other hobbies.

According to Radio 4′s More Or Less show, the BBC has run obituaries for 24 stars since January – double the number over the same period in 2015.

Here is a list of some of those who have died this year:

David Bowie

The much-admired and respected rock star succumbed to cancer aged 69 on January 10.

Alan Rickman

The accomplished actor of stage and screen also died aged 69 as a result of cancer on January 14.

Glenn Frey

Frontman of the Eagles, Glenn died aged 67 on January 18.

Harper Lee

The author, who wrote To Kill A Mockingbird, died aged 89 on February 19.

Terry Wogan

The much-loved broadcaster and Limerick native died on January 31 aged 77. He had been battling cancer.

Frank Kelly

TheDublin actor, who played Father Jack in the comedy series Father Ted, died aged 77 on February 28.

Tony Warren

Famed for creating Coronation Street, Tony died aged 79 on March 1.

Douglas Wilmer

The Sherlock Holmes actor died at the age of 96 on March 31.

Denise Robertson

This Morning’s beloved agony aunt died from pancreatic cancer aged 83 on March 31.

George Martin

Fondly remembered as “the fifth Beatle”, produce George died aged 90 on March 8.

Paul Daniels

The magician Paul Daniels died as a result of a brain tumour aged 77 on March 17.

Howard Marks

Known as Mr Nice, the Welsh drug-smuggler-turned-author died aged 70 on April 10.

Ronnie Corbett

Best known for his partnership with Ronnie Barker, the diminutive comedian died aged 85 on March 31.

David Gest

The reality TV star and music producer, who had been ill during his participation in January’s Celebrity Big Brother, died aged 62 on April 12.