Mancini laments Inter’s Lost Champions League Bid.

Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini has admitted his misfiring side’s chances of playing in next season’s Champions League are almost over after their painful 1-0 defeat by Genoa on Wednesday.

The 77th-minute strike from Genoa skipper Sebastian de Maio blew the Nerazzurri’s hope of making it to the finals of next year’s Champions League.

Mancini spoke with Premium Sport about his pains: “It was very difficult before and it’s very difficult now.”

Inter Milan has missed out from the competition in five seasons. There was a perfect plan and the team gave all they could but apparently, the bidding to rejoin Europe’s premier club competition for the first time in five seasons has been lost.

The Italian giant club played its last Champions League game back in 2012 after losing to Marseille in the round of 16.

The latest loss to Genoa has put Inter in a very tight corner making it hard to dream of miracles.

Francesco Totti’s brace for Roma against Torino in their (3-2) win was the last nail in the coffin.

Inter sits at the 4th place with 61 points; 7 points behind Roma which occupies that third and last chance required to play in the Champions League.

Mancini’s sadness comes from the fact that the team has only 4 games left to play.

Mauro Icardi should be feeling worse than the coach because he, as a striker with so much expectations, missed his begging chances. Worse still, the game was controlled by Inter making it hard to accept that they couldn’t utilize the dominance with creativity.

The striker confessed: “In my opinion, we’ve got little chance of finishing third now, it will be difficult to claw back Roma.”

This situation is indeed very sad for Mancini as this loss could put his job at risk. He was handed the task of qualifying for the Champions League in his second spell at the club. In the past, he led Inter to seven trophies including three consecutive league titles between (2004-2008). Now it seems a lot has changed in football and tactics, probably it’s time to consider overhauling the squad.

The former Manchester City and Galatasaray did not waste time in pointing accusing fingers. He’s laying blames on his misfiring strikers.

Serie A - Mancini calls Inter Milan defeat 'absurd'

“We had so many chances we deserved to be 2-0 up by the end of the first half.

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish on a number of occasions and then we went to sleep for their goal, as has happened several times this season.

“We need to improve in front of goal because with all the chances we create we need to be scoring more often. It was a crazy match.”

As Inter hosts Udinese on Saturday, the club is hoping to salvage any honor left in finishing 4th place while they hope and pray something happens to Roma. Grabbing a chance in the Europa League competition might soothe the pain of losing out in the Champions League race.

Mauro Icardi is Inter’s top striker on 15 league goals this season. Though he failed to shine on the big stage when his magic was needed most, he’s still hopeful. In his words: “Fiorentina are behind us in the fight for fourth place and we need to focus so we can do some good work over the summer.”