Victoria Beckham worried about her new look, says curvy women are more attractive

Victoria Beckham has described the desire to be very thin as an “old fashioned attitude,” with her instead speculating that women nowadays want to be curvy.

The fashion designer, 48, has made the comments amid the launch of her new VB Body shapewear collection, which she recently said looks particularly good on curvier bodies.

She has revealed that the inspiration behind the new line – which is priced between £90 and £650 per piece – is the desire among women to have a “round, curvy bottom.”

“It’s an old-fashioned attitude, wanting to be really thin. I think women today want to look healthy, and curvy. They want to have some boobs – and a bum,” she commented.

Victoria made the remarks to Grazia magazine, having posed in pieces from her shapewear range for the cover of the magazine – including channelling a Playboy bunny.

The mother-of-four said there are “a lot of really curvy women” in Miami – where her and David Beckham, 47, spend time due to his co-ownership of Inter Miami CF.

She said such individuals “really own” their physiques and “show their bodies off with such confidence,” with their attitude and style described as “liberating” by Victoria.


She added that as a mother, she loves that her youngest child Harper Beckham, 10, has been around women who “really celebrate their curves and enjoy how they look.”

Victoria suggested to the outlet that her VB Body collection helps women have a curvier figure, with it featuring tight knit designs that create a “really flattering silhouette.”

Further discussing the new line – which ranges in sizes from a UK 6 to 18 – the Spice Girls member commented: “The curvier you are, the better my VB Body dresses look.”

Announcing the line on social media last month, she had it was “meticulously designed” and “created to flatter the body,” with it looking “great on all different shapes and sizes.”

She had said the tops, skirts and dresses in the permant capsule collection are made of a “really tight-knit jersey” that cling to the “parts of our bodies we want to celebrate.”

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