Victoria Beckham: The Definition Of A Classy Woman.

No fashion icon has ever worn high heels better than Victoria Beckham. It is no exaggeration to say that high heels have become incorporated as “Beckhams” Victoria body part.

It doesn’t matter if this fashion icon is dressing for work , even in athleisure outfits Victoria is sure to stun the crowd with high heels.

Sadly, everyone who loved seeing her in those ‘pencils’ will have to appreciate her decision to quit and go for sneakers.

In one of her recent interviews, Victoria Beckham declared that heels are not her thing at the moment, as she was recently quoted as saying that she “just can’t do heels anymore. The problem isn’t her decision for a change but the fear of what pain it might cause to admirers who have never stopped wishing she would have a rethink.

She said: “I just can’t do heels any more. At least not when I’m working . . . I travel a lot,” Victoria added.

In the past, it was revealed that Victoria admitted she might be wearing high heels even till the moment she breaths her last.

The modeling icon wore heels even while carrying her new born. She doesn’t wear just any high heels. Her minimum length was 20cm.

She revealed wearing them gives her self confidence.

Beckhams have openly said in the past: “I super hate the kind of flat ballerina shoes, I can not wear them to walk.”

Whatever is the real cause of her decision to go for sneakers must be so hard to deal with. Do you think otherwise?

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