Vera Sidika shames her Ex-boyfriend for having a tiny ‘Cucumber’

Popular Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has lashed out at her ex-boyfriend for having a very tiny p***s.

The 27-year-old from Mombasa sure knows how to keep critics roiling in pain, especially the menfolk with small cucumbers which she says does not appeal to her.

Sidika is vulgar and dead serious with her voracious appetite for massive spanners, but guess what! What anyone thinks, is the least of her worries.

Shots fired:Is Vera Sidika trolling her ex boyfriend for having a tiny cassava (Details)

Image: Vera Sidika (Instagram).

Sidika has a good reason for her recent rants against her ex who has been spotted on many occasions with different women. She finds it difficult to handle poorly endowed men in bed, and thinks such men should either bury their faces in shame or walk with tails in-between legs.

This isn’t her first time with such pathetic complaints, anyways.

The Kenyan socialite posted this picture of her ex-boyfriend who she said is a fraudster with big ego in public but less pomp in pageantry bed.

“If you’re a man with a Kibamia, small or microscopic Dick & you’re dating. You don’t deserve to cheat on your Girlfriend,” the social media personality wrote in an online post.

“Why you wanna embarrass her by showing the world what she’s managing?

“All these niggaz will break a good girl’s heart & run into a chic like me. Don’t worry sis. I’m his KARMA. I’m about to do him dirty ION; London summer sucks. I need some SUN!”

Sidika went further with a confession that she and her plus-size friends hate to struggle with finger-like d**ks, adding that she’ll never marry such physically challenged men.

However, she offered consolation to the affected guys saying, “I can manage it for a few months if we date but never settling down with a kibamia.

Image: Vera Sidika

“On doggy style, the microscopic banana will just be hanging on ass cheeks instead of getting in. If it succeeds to get in, it keeps sliding off coz ass cheeks too big for it.”

Known as one of Africa’s top video vixens, and the most popular around East of the continent, Sidika has appeared in Kenya’s reality TV series Nairobi which went on air in 2015.

She shot to limelight with her unique opinions about life in general although she has been a subject of huge criticisms for her frivolous lifestyle and explicitness.

Sidika started her career as a 17-year-old plus-size model.

Image: Vera Sidika

“My body is my business and it is a money-maker,” she once admitted to a journalist.

“Looking good is my business, my body is my business, nobody else’s but mine,” the girl who’s considered as Kenya’s Kim Kardashian said when asked about rumors that she spent over £100,000 on body enhancement and skin lightening procedures in the United Kingdom.

She has made several unsuccessful attempts at Big Brother Africa. In one of her attempts to take part in the competitions, Sidika was said to have removed her underpants in front of the judges to prove herself as confident and ready for action.

When asked about her reasons for the shameless act, she said the room felt so hot. Despite her shameless behavior, the Kenyan beauty was rejected.