Usher Raymond to appear in court for infecting women with herpes

Famous singer, dancer and actor Usher Raymond is facing threats of lawsuit from a group of disgruntled women who claim he had unprotected sex with them without disclosing his herpes diagnosis.

A man and two women have already filed a case with the court.

Another three women are reportedly stepping up to increase the number of claimants.

Image: Usher Raymond

According to a report from PEOPLE, the claims were made a few weeks after news surfaced in the media that Usher, now 38 years old, paid a whooping $1.1m to a woman who sued him for infecting her with STD in 2012.

The infected women are getting legal representation from Lisa Bloom, the female lawyer in charge of Blac Chyna‘s lawsuit against ex-hubby Rob Kardashian.

Bloom said she’ll file a case against Usher on behalf of her clients on Monday.

“How do they know they got it from him? If they are accustom of having casual sex?” Jaybird commented on the report.

“It’s a lot cheaper to keep your legs closed,” another netizen added.

Media reports confirm one of the women and a man who chose to remain anonymous were identified as “Jane Doe” and John Doe” in the lawsuit.

The third victim opted to speak with reporters at a press conference only after the case file is opened in court.

Usher got married to Grace Miguel in 2015 after suffering divorce from first wife Tameka Foster (m:2007, d:2009).

The Confessions singer was diagnosed of the sexually transmitted disease around the period his marriage crashed, according to his celebrity stylist who shared bed with him at that time. Court papers say she suffered fever, chills and vaginal sores before medical tests confirmed he had infected her with herpes.

Image: Usher Raymond

A concerned netizen Powell said, “Honestly, nothing to do with race or religion, what has happened to the responsibility and morality of our nation in these last twenty years? Once people had the class and cared about who they would let their genes come into the world but now apparently to some it is just do it and walk away.

“So what if the mother cannot know who the father is, there will always be a government program to protect her and the child with benefits. So what if the woman carries a virus in her body forever, for the man it was a fun night so that is her problem.

“This kind of behavior is not the behavior that once made our nation great, a nation of moral actions and responsibility. Now anything goes and it is up to the government to take care of the end product.”

Usher, a proud father-of-two children, reportedly paid $2,754.40 of his stylist’s medical bills. The case was settled on 28 December, the same year, with a total payment of $1.1 million.

One of the claimants who was present during the singer’s wedding in 2007, reportedly filed for $20 million from Usher. She’s said to be a friend to the singer’s ex-wife Tameka Foster.

“Who gave it to Usher?” someone quipped as if it’d matter. Lol!

Here’s an advice from Darlene

Herpes is damn near Impossible to be diagnosed. Better if you’re having an outbreak when going to the Dr. THEN…. you Can’t say it came from your very Last partner!

This STD can be dormant till ‘disturbed’. ANYTHING can be a cause. Stress Cold Sickness Anything that taxes your immune system.

ALSO be Clear WHAT herpes looks like and how it exhibits itself. It’s usually water, weepy filled BLISTERS that ooze. Sometimes it looks like a razor was used to slightly slice your skin. So it looks like slit cuts from a sharp object.

Due to the fact, there are 3 main forms of herpes EVERYONE has. Make sure you don’t have chicken pox or shingles the Herpes Varicella/Zoster Cold sore / fever blister Herpes Simplex.

The public is Only familiar with Herpes 1 2 3. People there are 18+ types of herpes. Hepatitis the public is familiar with Hepatitis A B C. There are 9 (?) forms of Hepatitis.

As some people stated, strap up, I say, stay within an arm’s length distance from people talking in your face. Let NO ONE Kiss your face. Do Not walk in the path of anyone You SEE coughing or sneezing. Finally, Don’t sex Anyone unprotected even orally unprotected. And when dating, mention you May be a herpes carrier. And find a partner(S) also a carrier.

Do Not let a misdiagnosis fool you. Follicilitis (ingrown hair) that could be infected, can be diagnosed as herpes. A mole. Even a bacterial boil.

A natural remedy to try is Cayenne pepper, vitamins A C and E. Vitamin C 3000-5000 mg a day. A and E 1000-2000 mg daily. YouTube or Google Cayenne Pepper. You really Only need the Cayenne.

The other oil instead of Vitamin E is Organic Virgin Coldpressed and Unrefined coconut oil. Google or YouTube that as well.

Remember Everyone has a form of herpes. It’s just Sad if it nests in your groin area. CORRECTLY spoken by one commenter, it’s damn near impossible to determine, not only the source, but When you were exposed. It could show up with a new partner, making you Assume they infected you. When you infected them. UNKNOWINGLY:(