US to lower Mexico’s aviation safety rating

The American government is making preparations to lower the aviation safety rating of Mexico, thereby preventing Mexican airlines from adding additional flights from the United States, according to knowledgeable sources.

An announcement is expected to be made on the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) intended step, which ensues a protracted assessment of Mexico’s oversight of aviation.

According to sources, the FAA and aviation regulators in Mexico engaged in extended discussions over U.S. apprehensions.

Also divulged was that officials of Mexico’s government were notified of the scheduled step and expressed concerns.

U.S. concerns are unrelated to matters of flight safety, but instead regards the country’s weak aviation oversight.

Mexico’s aviation safety rating was brought down a notch to Category 2, from Category 1, meaning Mexico’s carriers currently providing services to the United States would remain unhindered, albeit they will not be able to schedule new flights and marketing strategies among airlines in the form of seat selling on one another’s flights through code sharing.

The step indicates the Federal Aviation Administration’s assessment that the Mexican nation was unable to comply with safety standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization under its safety assessment program.

Mexico has emerged as the most popular location for vacationing American tourists during the coronavirus disease pandemic, thereby driving U.S. carriers to re-channel capacity earlier set aside for the European region.