COVID-19: Spain will open door to tourists in June

Jumping the gun on the European Union, Spain will allow vaccinated tourists into the country beginning June 7.

The Tourist Office of Spain in New York has confirmed the news.

Tourists in Spain

Spanish officials have said that travellers will have to show proof of receiving both doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or their single Johnson & Johnson injection, at least 14 days prior to entering Spain.

Also, Spain will allow unvaccinated minor children to enter the country, as long as they enter with their vaccinated parents. Children 6 and up will need a negative COVID test, however. Additionally, Spain will not allow unvaccinated Americans over 18 to enter the country, regardless of a negative COVID test.

Also, travellers must complete a health questionnaire before departing their home cities.

United Airlines acknowledged the news, saying it will resume flights to Spain beginning in July, with scheduled flights between metropolitan New York and Barcelona, and six times a week to Madrid.

Besides Spain, Austria announced it would welcome Americans who have had only one round of vaccinations.

Germany, Bulgaria and Romania will also admit vaccinated travellers into their countries.

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