US Polls: Kanye West admits defeat, says he’ll be back in 2024

A 2020 election shocker: Kanye West has admitted defeat after garnering roughly 60,000 votes, Entertainment Tonight reports.

The “Graduation” rapper and designer conceded with a simple tweet: “WELP.”

That tweet is down now. But Kanye posted another with an image of himself in front of a multi-colored election map. The caption reads: “KANYE 2024.” 

People magazine reports that Kanye scored his votes across a dozen states, including 10,216 in Tennessee, which comes to 0.3% of the state’s tally. He also gained about 0.4% in Oklahoma, Utah, and Idaho, and tweeted an image of his Wyoming ballot with his name written in. His platform, which People calls “vague,” included promises to “reduce household debt” and restore “prayer in the classroom.”