US ‘optimistic’ humanitarian assistance will get into Gaza; 31 Americans killed

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden is set to address the humanitarian situation in Gaza during his visit to Israel, White House press secretary John Kirby has said. 

He said the US was “optimistic” that they would be able to get assistance into the area, despite Israel having cut off all power, water, food, fuel and medicine supplies into Gaza since the Hamas attack.

There have since been multiple calls for aid and medical supplies, with the World Health Organisation warning of a long-term humanitarian crisis. 

No agreement has been made on whether to allow Egyptian aid trucks waiting at the border into Gaza.

Mr Kirby said the president was also set to ask Israeli’s some “tough questions” and seek to understand the country’s plans going forward. 

31 Americans killed in Hamas attack

The number of Americans killed in the Hamas attack on Israel now stands at 31. 

Speaking on Tuesday, White House press secretary, John Kirby, confirmed the total. 

He said 13 American citizens remain missing.

He said the US would continue to speak to Israel about the need to protect innocent civilian life.

It comes as President Biden is currently travelling to Israel where he will meet with leaders and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the future of the ongoing conflict and the possibility of getting humanitarian assistance into Gaza.

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