Update on Elvin Ng and Romeo Tan’s accident

Famous actors Elvin Ng and Romeo Tan, who traveled to Taipei to promote their latest drama, All Is Well, were involved in a car accident on Aug 29.

The accident, which took place at around 7pm, saw their MPV taxi being rear-ended by a coach bus.

In a telephone interview granted few hours after the accident, Elvin and Romeo assured that they were doing fine and not seriously injured.

“We’re generally fine, though we’ll probably feel the whiplash tomorrow morning,” Elvin shared. “I blanked out for a while after the accident. I hit my head and my vision is slightly blurred right now. My ankle hurts a little and I just realised that my knee is bruised.”

Romeo added, “My left knee and ankle hurt a little. I’m just worried about the back of my neck because I felt a bit unwell right after the accident happened, but I’m feeling better now.”

“We were reminded of how important it is to wear safety belts,” they shared. Both actors were seated in the back seat, and their taxi was stationary at a traffic junction when the bus hit them from behind. The impact caused their taxi’s front and rear windscreens to shatter, and the bus’ windscreen was also smashed.

Romeo said, “Something hit us super hard from the back within seconds of us stopping at the traffic light. We were both looking at our phones and it happened out of nowhere, we didn’t have any time to react.” Elvin agreed, “It felt like we were hit by a train. We didn’t know what it was, but I knew for sure that it wasn’t just another car.”

After making a police report, they were forbidden–by law–to share any photos from the scene.

Romeo mused, “We’re very lucky because we were in this MPV. The driver of the first cab that we got rejected us. His was a sedan, and the accident could have been a lot more serious if we were in his vehicle. The rear windscreen shattered completely, so the glass might have rained down on us. However, because it was an MPV that we were in, the glass fragments fell into the boot instead.”

They did not visit a hospital immediately because there was no visible injury apart from the bruising.

“We’ll monitor our condition and if need be, we’ll visit the hospital tomorrow,” Elvin said. For now, it’s business as usual for them as they will continue with their scheduled promotions for the drama.

“(Lan) Xin Mei jie arranged for us to have dinner together so we decided to come here and assure them that we’re doing fine. We also had a live broadcast scheduled so we wanted to go ahead with it since we’re okay. They also reminded us that today is the last day of the seventh month (on which some people believe bad things will happen), so we just feel very lucky that we’re safe.”

Romeo and Elvin return to Singapore on September 1.

Media reports confirm that Elvin and Romeo later visited a Taiwan hospital for physical examinations. In addition, Elvin went for an eye checkup because of his blurred vision, and Romeo had an X-Ray on his neck area done.

Both actors are currently resting and will monitor their conditions over the next few days.