University Professor attracts outrage after attacking a Street Cleaner

A Chinese university professor and her accomplice who attacked a female cleaner have attracted huge criticisms for their wickedness.


Berated as “well educated but with low morals” by a large number of angry netizens, the culprits were exposed by an onlooker who recorded the incident at Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, Xi’an.

The female street cleaner was allegedly beaten for blocking their way on a road outside the campus.

One of the assailants, a professor at the aforementioned institution, was later identified through post on Weibo which was shared over 95.000 times within a period of 24 hours.

Most commenters worried about the lecturer’s character as a man of high social status.


‘It is Mid-Autumn Festival and you’re enjoying your holidays while this vulnerable worker remains fixed at her post. How can you be so wicked? You’re a monster. And as a professor, you should be demoted,’ one netizen wrote on Weibo.

‘It is clear that educational background has no connection with morality,’ said another user.

The incident occurred on 4 October and has continuously attracted comments from angry citizens.

Professor Ge, as he was later identified, spent some years in the United States of America. He studied at Kyoto Institute of Technology and the University of Oklahoma. The other woman is said to be a relative to the inhumane lecturer; she has no job at the university.

Although Ge was suspended from his position by the authorities to ensure a proper investigation of the matter, an angry commenter wrote, ‘Just suspended? Why not fire him immediately?’

The university lecturer recently tendered a letter of apology to the sanitation worker and her family.

Shaanxi University of Science and Technology disassociated itself with the actions taken by its employee and said they’re looking into the matter.

“Mr. Ge has realized that his actions are terribly wrong, and is active in [arranging] medical treatment for the person involved,” the school wrote on its official website.

Here’s a full translation of the Weibo post:

“On October 4, 2017, around 2 in the afternoon, a male and female college staff member beat up a female sanitation worker. I want to expose these two pieces of scum.”

“I was just resting indoors when I heard a loud weeping coming from outside the window. I initially thought that parents were teaching their child a lesson, but after a few minutes, the crying grew louder and it did not sound like a child. From the window I then saw a female sanitation worker slowly getting up from a pile of garbage, while a woman was pushing her, yelling: ‘How much money do I make and how much money do you make? You’re now keeping me from making money!’”

“At this time, a man came forward to beat the female cleaner, and I shouted from my window: ‘You are bullying a sanitation worker, you are shameless!’ At this point, they discovered that other people were watching them, and they stopped what they were doing. The man wanted to back up his car and get away, but he was already stopped by some of the neighbors around.”


Image shows the two suspects who abused a sanitation worker.

“As I rushed to the scene, the man shouted at me: ‘She let me beat her herself!’ The woman’s attitude was still bad. Before reporting to the police, I shot a video and told them I would expose them. Again their attitude changed, and at this time there were more and more people who were criticizing them. An older man told me that the man had hit the sanitation worker and that he had kicked her several times.”

“While filing a report at the police station, there was a man who said he was the man’s assistant, and he explained to the police that the man originally came from the countryside but that he had lived in Japan and the US for some years before returning home and that he does not understand the situation here and that was why he beat someone.“

“That infuriated me. As if he could just randomly beat up people in other countries? I also understood from his assistant that the man was a professor working for the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, that he was a doctor who had just been given a 10 million yuan project, and that he hoped we would not expose him. I heard that the woman works at the human resource department of Shaanxi University. I am writing this after just coming back from the police station – I hope to let everyone know that these kinds of worthless people are not fit to be a teacher.“