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Underwater Photography At Its Best.

Matt Draper is a former carpenter who gave up his job for the love of photography especially, underwater photography. Draper's pictures are so mesmerising that his Instagram account, where they can be found, has 70,000 followers. Pictured is a green sea turtle in Oahu, Hawaii His pictures are breath-taking considering the close encounters with tigers, whales and sharks. The artist said spreading awareness about environmental issues and dispelling a fear of the ocean are his priorities.

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In 2014, Matt Draper, originally from New Zealand, decided to move on from his life as a carpenter and focus on documenting the fascinating underwater world right on the doorstep of his new home - a small beachside community in Byron Bay, Australia. While many find the idea of swimming with sharks terrifying, Draper finds it calming. Pictured is a great white shark

Originally from New Zealand, Matt Draper now resides in the small beachside community of Byron Bay, Australia.

Draper's images showcase encounters with great white, tiger and hammerhead sharks, humpback and pilot whales, common and bottlenose dolphins, seals, turtles and manta rays, to name a few. Pictured is a manta ray in Byron Bay, Australia.

With an interest in photojournalism and ocean imagery, photography has allowed Matt to travel to remote areas of the world, documenting subjects for the purpose of education and positive change for the environment.

Draper posted this image of a great white shark on his Instagram page with the caption: 'I probably could have got a little bit closer...'

Matt started practicing underwater photography in 2014 and ever since has tried to use his photographs as a way to spread awareness about environmental issues as well as foster love for the ocean by replacing fear with fascination.

This incredible image shows spinner dolphins in Oahu, Hawaii. According to Draper they were synchronising their breathing pattern while resting off the coast

Self-taught, Matt is passionate about capturing his subjects for what they are, allowing people to see the raw beauty behind his images. He prides himself in using only natural light. This, combined with his free-diving capabilities, makes for minimal disturbance when photographing marine life.

Draper said that spreading awareness about environmental issues and replacing a fear of the ocean with fascination, are his top priorities

This humpback whale almost appears to be attempting to put its huge fin around Draper. He took this picture in Vava'u in the Kingdom of Tonga

Matt offers a wide range of services including private tuition, fine art on different mediums and commercial for hire.

Draper posted this picture, which he took in Byron Bay, on his Instagram page with a caption that read: 'An incredible image my good friend @scottwilsonimagery captured of me photographing this beautiful manta ray  at our local diving spot'

From humble beginnings, Matt’s photography continues to grow in an organic way, and he surrounds himself with positive, likeminded people who share similar goals.

This breath-taking picture shows a group of cownose rays drifting through the ocean at Byron Bay in Australia

This breath-taking picture shows a group of cownose rays drifting through the ocean at Byron Bay in Australia.

Draper snapped this great white shark as it drifted through the ocean around the Neptune Islands, Australia

All of his images are captured while free diving under natural light and Draper said the middle of the day gives his the best lighting conditions All of his images are captured while free diving under natural light and Draper said the middle of the day gives his the best lighting conditions

This image is called Cleaning Station, and is of rather mucky green sea turtles swimming through the warm waters of Hawaii

This image is called Three's A Crowd - and shows humpback whales in Vava'u, gracefully making their way through sun-kissed waters

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