Unbelievably True: ‘Jesus’ was spotted walking barefooted in Kenya

Wonders shall never end! You won’t believe a few Kenyans are counting there blessings for this once in a lifetime occurence after they welcomed ‘Jesus’ – though there was no such thing as the rapture over there.

Seeing ‘Jesus’ at this time in our “doomed” world would have meant immediate destruction, but pedestrians and motorists who were eyewitnesses said they marveled at the sight.

A barefooted man who looked exactly like the widely believed image of Jesus Christ, the son of God, was seen walking in the streets. However, no blind, deaf or dumb was healed.

Business activities around the location in Nairobi, Kenya, came to a standstill as the ‘mesiah’ quickly gained followers trailing him around street corners.

Strange as it was, ‘Jesus’ even posed for selfies with witnesses although centuries have passed since he left the earth.

Was he spotted with a selfie stick and an iPhone in his sack? The reporter didn’t say so. But the memory will forever live in the hearts of many Kenyans.

Reports confirm he was seen last weekend while walking through Nairobi’s central business district.

Here are some tweets on the report:

Looking at this long-haired man with a thick beard, wearing a robe and walking barefooted in the streets, you’ll be forgiven for screamin: “Jesus, son of David! Have mercy upon me!”

Kenyans took to Twitter and shared their excitement with the hashtag #JesusInNairobi

“This bearded white man spotted walking in #Nairobi, some Kenyans say he’s #Jesus who came to save #Kenya from z corruption. #JesusinNairobi.” a Twitter user wrote.