Unbelievable Pencil Drawings You’ll Remember For A Lifetime.

Lion, Pencil drawing, 14 x 17 inch

Pencil Drawing 1

This Lion Pencil Drawing was posted on Imgur by an artist with the ID: Remrov, and it has gained over 100, 000 views in few hours. Awesomeness! Almost everyone likes this, sure you do, too.

Remrov wrote: “This is my first #pencil_drawing of a #lion. I sold the original to a person in Zambia”.

An internet user Itsmoxl who read the artist’s post above, asked: Drawings his first lion. Makes beautiful lion drawing. Does this indicate that you were lucky? or you only need one try? Anyway, it’s pretty

Then Remrov clarified: “This was my first lion drawing. I have made many other drawings of other animals before that, so I wasn’t lucky. I had a lot of practice”.

Coloured pencil drawing of lovebird Pilaf

Pencil Drawing 2

The talented artists had this to say for this drawing: “I decided to make a pencil drawing of my lovebird Pilaf. Pilaf is already with me for 17 years and he’s an awesome friend”.

skirex wrote after looking at the drawing:

Wait, that’s a real bird. Stop tricking my brain with this sorcery!

sunatzeroplz replied in honesty and truth:

Solid 5/7, excellent birb. Seriously though, nice job! The detail in the feathers is incredible.

 Anniemon summarized:
Your skills are incredible! 🙂
  • I am Remrov, and I am an autistic savant self-taught artist. I make very photorealistic pencil and pen drawings.
  • Long Description
    I create all kinds of artwork like portraits of people and animals. I also enjoy making drawings of houses and cartoons.
  • Bio
    My name is Remrov and I already make all kinds of artwork since I was little. I have autism and because of this I see the whole world in tiny little details. My artwork tend to be this way too, very precise and detailed. I mostly specialize in portraits of people and animals but I also make drawings of houses and cartoons.
  • Personal Information
    I am an autistic savant self-taught artist, who makes hyper photorealistic drawings of everything I find interesting.
  • Email

*This isn’t an advert for the autistic artist. I wasn’t paid to do this but rather my own little way of encouraging him with life’s challenges.

Contact him by email [remrov@hotmail.com] if you have need for that or visit his website: http://www.remrovsartwork.com/ for more.

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