Ukrainian drone attacks designed to remind Russians of something

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We’ve had some thoughts on the recent spate of Ukrainian drone attacks from Louise Jones, head of intelligence at McKenzie Intelligence Services.

Asked about the use of sea drones on Russian vessels twice in 24 hours she said it’s part of a wider strategic tactic by Ukraine that still puts pressure on Moscow – while not much is changing on the frontline.

By targeting a commercial tanker, it serves as a “reminder to the Russian people that this isn’t a zero-cost war” for them,  she said.

Also citing recent aerial drone attacks on Russian territory, she added: “It’s about putting that pressure on the civilian population, which will in turn put pressure on Putin.”

Quizzed on the specifics of the tanker attack she commented: “It was targeted very close to the key bridge that connects Crimea to Russia.

“It gets very canalised, so they have to wait before they can cross these key straits. These tankers are quite vulnerable while they’re waiting there.

“Ukraine has noticed that” and started to use it to their advantage – so they can damage Russian interests while the counteroffensive in other parts of the country appears to be slowing.

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