UEFA EURO 2016 Advert Says: Make Love, Not War.

Clever ad campaign from UEFA EURO 2016 Organizers against AIDS says: MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR.

The organizers know a lot of people, especially within Europe will be visiting France to celebrate the Euro 2016 event so Sexually Transmitted Diseases will surely pose a big threat.

One might say it’s awesome to see organizations take up their social responsiblities at this age when morality sounds outdated to many. But you won’t expect FIFA to take over roles left for families and religious institutions so the advice is simple, “Make Love, Not War.” 

The advertising agency TBWA which is responsible for the ads is based in Paris. It partnered with a non-profit organization AIDES to create four erotic ads encouraging people to stay safe from AIDS.

In the ads, people from different countries, races and sexuality are seen posing nude.

Their bodies were all painted in the colors of every country taking part in the tournament.

All the ads come with the message “Make Love, Not War”, but never failed to remind people of the need to stay safe while having fun, at least in France until the tournament is over.

However, interpretations on the choice of words used in the ad campaign is making headlines.

What relationship does football have with love-making? We know about war, but does love-making and war go together?

We need answers from people who have better understanding, please.