Brexit’s Impact On The UK Job Market.

Doug Monro, co-founder of Adzuna is quoted by OnRec on impact of Brexit on the UK job market. He says:

“A strong economy is something we take for granted. Jobs are the oxygen for Britain’s economy – and our lifeline as workers.

“This week’s vote is introducing new risks into the UK jobs market, and may well be causing widespread uncertainty.

Doug Continued: “A vote to leave the EU – on which many sectors depend for both customers and workers – risks throwing Britain onto an unstable path. Recent falls in unemployment have been boosted by both a stable economy and a steady outlook. But pulling back from Europe could mean a drop in international investment and a cutback in hiring.  

“Workers and jobseekers will pay the price of an anxious wait for renegotiation.

“If business wobbles, those already in work may see their path up the career ladder slow down, he added.

“The younger generation could have it even tougher, and may see doors closed to them as they try to find their first jobs.

“Some things shouldn’t be gambled with – and the job security of thousands is one of them,” Doug concluded.

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