UEFA Champions League: Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid

The UEFA Champions League match between Real Madrid and city rivals Atletico Madrid is underway, but Los Blancos seem to be in a frenzied atmosphere for a win.

Zinedine Zidane has advised his team to see their first leg match at Santiago Bernabeu as a do-or-die affair.

The Frenchman and his players are wishing a 90-minute hell on their visitors, and nothing more or less.

Supporters are also expected to transform the the tensed atmosphere into something enjoyable and positive but Dani Carvajal has some reservations. He expressed concern that positive support from the fans can never be guaranteed, adding that such undying loyalty is never given for the asking of it.

However, the former Bayern Leverkusen defender says he has total confidence in Zinedine Zidane’s abilities as a coach.

“I have to say thanks to the coach we are still able to be very strong in the last moments of matches,” said the 25-year-old.

“Rotation benefits every single player and as a result the team.”

He continued: “I am a little indifferent to playing at home first but in the end you have to be the best team at home and away if you want to qualify for the final.”

“We always try to give everything we have,” he added.

Real Madrid rallied round against a heartbreaking goal from Valencia, and were able to win the game but Cristiano Ronaldo suffered verbal attacks from fans. Madrid faithfuls are sometimes comfortable with sending whistles and jeers against their own players but all parties are hoping to achieve victory through unity of purpose.

“We need the Bernabeu to be like hell all through the match, not just for 10 minutes,” said one Real player post-match, according to a report from Marca.

Nacho Fernandez told the sports news outlet, “With the support of the fans everything is much easier… we need that 90 minutes.

“We need it for all 90 minutes,” said the center-back.

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