South African pastor kills church members with ‘Anointed Rat Poison’

A church pastor in South Africa has sent five of his members to an early grave while eight others are in critical condition after drinking an ‘anointed rat poison.’

He offered them a bottle of water laced with noxious Rattex, saying it has the potency to ‘nourish their bodies’ and ‘heal their sickness.’

He told parishioners to drink from a bottle of water laced with noxious Rattex

The church pastor named Prophet Light Monyeki allegedly offered his members a poisonous liquid popularly known as ‘rat killer,’ which he presented as a transformed miraculous liquid.

A Facebook post shared by the church showed the Man of God pouring his poisoned water down congregants’ throats. The social media message reads:

The man of God, Prophet Light Monyeki demonstrates power of faith by causing congregants to drink Rattax; deadly poison to show forth their faith.

‘As he was doing that he said “we do not need to proclaim faith because we are believers. If nyaope [a street drug] boys can smoke Rattax for more than eight years, who are we? Death has no power over us”. 

‘Then he declared life from above upon the water mixed with Rattax; and spoke nourishment unto bodies and healing unto the sick. 

‘A multitude of congregants voluntarily ran to the front to have a drink of the deadly poison. After declaring nourishment and healing, Prophet Light was the first one to drink.’

Monyeki claimed that drinking the water mixed with Rattax would bring 'nourishment unto bodies and healing unto the sick'

Media reports confirm that a five members of Grace Living Hope Ministries lost their lives in the experimental church science.

The South African pastor from Soshanguve reportedly brainwashed his members into believing that they were supernatural beings created in the image of God, assuring them that drinking a lethal dose of rat poison could not kill them.

A few hours after the church service, Monyeki’s members who drank the poisonous mixture started complaining of stomach ache.

Pictures have emerged online of Monyeki pouring the poisoned water down his congregants' throats during the service

The pastor has faced widespread criticism since the photographs were posted online

Rattex can lead to death in humans, as it prevents clotting in the body, meaning those who ingest it can bleed to death

Five out of a thirteen members who were affected, died after they were admitted for treatments in the hospital.


Although South African police say they are now investigating the matter, Monyeki says he is not responsible for his members’ demise.

Rose Ramahlafi added: ‘This is disgusting. People are abusing the name of God, and the people who are ignorant of their faith will perish in the process.’

No arrests have been made.

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