U.S. News Reporter Caught In The Action.

An American TV news reporter may have justifiable reasons to prove why he pooed in front of a homeowner’s lawn. The case is already in court and as reported, the offender named Jonathan Lowe is facing a fine of $2500 or six months in jail.

His crime? Public defecation!

Why did he have to take the risk?

Image shows a man defecating in public.

Jonathan Lowe is a news reporter working with KPHO in Phoenix, Arizona. He was arrested today after answering nature’s call in front of a home while on duty.

TV reporter arrested for pooping on homeowner’s lawn


According to a police report, 33-year-old Lowe said: ‘I know what you want to talk to me about. I’ve been feeling very sick and I’ve been stuck in this van all day.

‘Those people who called on me just wanted to start problems.’

Actually, Lowe was reporting on a story at the time of the incident in Phoenix, Arizona when he needed to go pooping but their was no PUBLIC toilet in sight. He also didn’t have a chance to seek permission from the home owner to either use their washroom or possibly, make good use of the lawn. That would have helped avoid this lawsuit.

The homeowner contacted cops soon after he was caught and Lowe admitted to relieving himself in public.

However, he didn’t think it’s a big deal.

As suggested, the woman, who is unnamed, told police: “I would have been happy for the reporter to use my toilet if he had knocked on my door.”

The TV station had admitted Lowe was still an employee as at the time of the incident, but few hours later referred to him as a ‘former employee’, according to New York Post.

Reporter poos on woman's front lawn, regrets it

Image: Reporter for KPHO Jonathan Lowe said he was ‘very sick’.