Man Becomes A Multi-Millionaire Growing “Legal Marijuana.”

A man who used to grow cannabis in the forest to avoid contact with cops is now a clean and honest millionaire, still in the same profession. He is no longer afraid of the law because marijuana has now been legalized in his location.

Jeremy Moberg in a polytunnel at his CannaSol cannabis farm

Image: Jeremy Moberg says he doesn’t smoke much as he did before now because he is too busy with business.

The lucky drug dealer named Jeremy Moberg has since stopped running the business alone as he turns an employer of labor. He currently has a team of workers who harvest the plants in his farm to supply the ever growing U.S. market.

In addition, Jeremy has made his weed business a family affair. His mom (a retired teacher) and brother (a former lawyer) have joined hands with him in the money-spinning marijuana trade.

CannaSol Farms is the company’s trading name.

A CannaSol employee trims marijuana buds before packaging for sale

Image: A worker prepares marijuana for sell in Moberg’s company.

This business venture generated a little more than $3m within 20 months after it was established, according to reports.

Moberg’s company was shaky a few years ago but now processes 900kg of marijuana a year. The company is said to be paying all taxes, too.

He told Observer: ‘It felt so good when the vote passed to legalize.

‘We drank and sat in the hot tub in the snow. We totally partied. The next morning my pipe, my beer, my weed were still there. I remembered saying: ‘This is going to be huge.’’


A report confirms Jeremy Moberg is a graduate of Science Engineering. He lived on the fast lane while in the university. Subsequently, the aspiring weed grower was arrested for drug dealing and expelled. At that time it was illegal to grow, sell or use weed in the U.S.

With the legalization of marijuana and the increasing demand for the product, Jeremy is now teaching his 68-year-old mum, MaryAnn Bennett, how to clone marijuana so the same strain can be grown repeatedly.

 Having spent the most part of his life running from the law, the multi-millionaire has proudly become one of the 600 legal growers in the state.
He told Observer: ‘Me and my friends used to cruise around for hours looking for green bud. We’d find a little bit of weed for 50 bucks, smoke it and go look for it again. That was what probably first made me think there’s a market here.’
Some US weed facts

There are now 24 states in America where weed is legal to buy or be medically prescribed.

Recreational use is legal in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Colorado and Washington DC.

In April, Pennsylvania passed legislation for medical marijuana.

Moberg grows his stock outside in Okanogan, Washington where the hot summers and low humidity make for the perfect conditions.

It was only recently made legal to grow the plants in the open air, after campaigners argued that indoor farming left a large carbon footprint.

A CannaSol employee holds a bag of Dutch Treat marijuana ready to be shipped to retailers

Image: An employer at Jeremy Moberg’s company holding a bag of marijuana.


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