Types of Australian Sugar Babies you should know

The term “sugar babies” is gaining popularity around the world, especially in Australia where love-stricken females (mostly university students) have swarmed Seeking Arrangement in search of deep-pocketed sugar daddies and sugar mommies who are ready to trade cash and gifts for fun. Sugar babies are categorized differently.

Cash is king” sugar babies are about material gains and financial rewards. They are available for extraordinary sexual relationships but don’t want an overbearing partner. These Australian girls treasure freedom and are always available to the highest bidder.

Spoil Me with Love” sugar babies are dreamy; they don’t crave for financial rewards but may request for outrageously expensive gift such as a supercar. Additionally, these group of girls prefer sugar daddies who can take them on vacations, cruise ship travels, spa outings and to exotic diners in Australia’s numerous continental restaurants.

Friend and Protege” sugar babies are mainly focused on their career and life goals. They want more than financial support and will appreciate accomplished sugar daddies with solid connections to provide jobs and sponsorship for advanced studies within or outside Australia.

Marry Me” sugar babies in Australia want everything sugar daddies can offer those in previous three categories plus marriage. As “clever cookies,” they abhor “no-strings-attached” relationships.

Australian sugar baby facts

According to Sugar Baby University, Australia, over 175,000 students have joined the matchmaking website for “exploitative and somewhat sex-themed relationships” that guarantee financial freedom—particularly student debt financing—and hope for a secured future. Payment for academic books, housing and other university-related bills are the major benefits.

The number of registered students increased by 42% in 2018. Apart from the expensive gifts, sugar babies in Australia have chances of networking with professionals who can provide money-spinning business ideas, partnerships or support. On the average, each subscribed user on Seeking Arrangement receives monthly allowance valued at $3,000 per month.

The most common categories of sugar babies in Australia

  1. College sugar baby: This group of students are aged between 23 – 27 years. They are most ideal for sugar daddies because there is no commitment (except for him). These group of Australia girls are not bothered about getting married; they prefer spending quality time with “matured minds” or people with responsibilities and are ever-willing to showcase their freedom by trying something out-of-the-box. College sugar babies in Australia include foreign students who flock around strategic locations in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and other major cities where it is very easy to meet wealthy sugar daddies. The girls are mostly beautiful, fashionable, outgoing, experienced with men, and a perfect company for outings.
  2. Sugar Mamas baby: This group of sugar babies are young lesbians who prefer sugar mommies for fun and financial rewards though—in some cases—the girls may find a mother figure or role model them. Australia’s protection of LGBTQ rights makes it a safe haven for such relationships.
  3. BBW sugar baby: BBW is an acronym for Big Breasted Women. In this context, BBW sugar babies refer to students who prefer relationships with busty women although the need for financial rewards and gifts precedes sexual attraction or preference—in most cases.
  4. Fake sugar baby: This category of sugar babies has features which include lying about their educational qualifications to gain attention, and faking or “adjusting” their sexual orientation to keep a relationship. Fake sugar babies often use too much makeup and fashion accessories which—unknown to them—indicate high maintenance costs for potential sugar daddies. In most cases, these relationships don’t last beyond the first date.

For most Australian girls, finding a sugar daddy is like winning a lottery. However, most SDs are jealous and possessive in nature so setting your priorities and making them known is one way of gaining maximum satisfaction from Seeking Arrangement.

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