Tyga: Court Grants Warrant For Kylie’s Boyfriend To Be Arrested.

Tyga has attracted anger from a law court in the U.S., and could be on his way to jail for failing to appear for questioning on Tuesday as instructed.

Image shows Tyga in a first class flight displaying cash on the plane.

According to reports from ET, Kylie Jenner’s loverboy  disobeyed legal orders by failing to stand trial on his finances as scheduled, following a $480,000 judgement granted by the said court in favor of his former landlord.

The payable amount was issued as “unpaid rent and damages to the Malibu property”, TMZ reported.

As the law stipulates, the judge handling his case has reportedly issued a bench warrant for Tyga’s arrest. People who are well-versed in the laws say, Kylie’s boyfriend “could go to jail for skipping out on the scheduled questioning”.

It’s sad that this is happening to the 26-year-old rapper whose actual name is Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson. TYGA stands for “Thank You God Always”.

The rappers girlfriend Kylie, is said to be the coolest of all Kardashian sisters. She’s living like a star in her own luxury mansion while the rapper “squats” notwithstanding claims that he’s worth $1 Million.

Image: Kylie’s mansion.

In a recent reports, ET confirmed that Tyga’s over-the-top birthday gift to girlfriend Kylie Jenner, a $200,000 Mercedes Maybach, has raised some red flags in the case of his owed rent. This is the real reason for a court order.

Attorneys for his former landlord reportedly claim that the purchase was a fraudulent transfer of assets that should have instead been allocated to the judgment.

PET as a legal term means “potentially exempt transfer”: a procedure in the UK [and probably U.S.] whereby gifting property and cash is tax-free, provided that the donor lives for at least seven years after the gift is made. Kylie and Tyga are learned and must have legal advisers representing their interests.

According to ET, “earlier this summer, Tyga signed a new lease on a home located just blocks from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Bel-Air estate”.

A source told the news outlet some time in June that the 12,800-square-foot pad came with the steep price of $46,500 per month. Around that same time, Jenner took the Snapchat to show off a pair of matching, diamond-encrusted watches, while the couple shopped around for luxury vehicles.

And it was just last year that Tyga presented his ladylove with another pricey birthday gift: a $320,000 Ferrari 482 Italia, the report added.

Image: Kylie Jenner

Considering the hyped public display of wealth, the rapper has no reasons to justify non-payment of owed bills. The U.S. courts sure have a way of sorting these issues out just as they did with 50 Cent and others.

Tyga was in a relationship with a model and stripper Blac Chyna with whom he has a son King Cairo Stevenson. He’s of African-American and Vietnamese descent.

The rapper has been advised to take his chill pill before it’s too late though it’s no news that he has a thing with the laws.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tyga has lived in several mansions in Calabasas, California, but they were rented. He has also not exactly been an ideal tenant in some of these houses.

In June 2015, Tyga was sued by one of his former landlords for failing to pay $80,000 in rent. With penalties and interest, the amount owed is $124,000.

In July 2015, Tyga was sued by a different landlord for falling behind on $50,000 worth of rent at another Calabasas house.

Tyga has also had several tax issues recently. In September 2015, the state of California hit Tyga with a bill for $19,000 worth of unpaid taxes. A year earlier, the IRS hit Tyga with a $120,000 unpaid tax bill.

In late February 2016, it was reported that Tyga’s G-Wagon was in the process of being re-possessed. Tyga has reportedly not made payments in many months.

Tyga with Kylie Jenner

Image shows Tyga and Kylie.

Lastly, it’s worthy of note that the rapper operates a clothing store in Los Angeles called Last Kings. He reportedly spent $120,000 on interior decorations for the store.

Ever since Tyga and Kylie’s relationship started, halted, and started again, almost every tabloid in Hollywood is trying to get a sneak peek of what’s going on between them. The celebrity couple is doing well, notwithstanding the bills owed.

While some tabloids say he’s worth $1 million and others say $10 million, the point remains he’s not poor–not even with Kylie by his side–and he will pay when he’s convinced to do so.

As far as Tyga’s net worth is concerned, it’s predicted that his fortunes will keep rising with Kylie Jenner by his side.

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