2 Best friends dressed as one person to use a movie ticket

It’s amazing how a Youtuber named Bo Johnson and his best friend Matthew successfully merged into one person and no one realized it.

Both Johnson and Matthew said they had long dreamt of sneaking into a movie theater in one set of clothing. How could two grown men possibly do that and why?

Having tried various positions, they finally found the right one. They filmed their epic efforts and posted the video on Youtube just a few days ago and the video has already been viewed over 1.3 million times. 


“Would you like to donate to the flood relief?” was the only question the ticket seller had in mind.

Of course, he might have had suspicions. But would you ask a plus size person if he or she is hiding a second person inside? That would be an insult in a free society like the U.S.

How about wrongly congratulating a curvy woman for pregnancy when in fact, she is divorced or still single? The best option would be to check her in for the movie and say, “Take care, ma’am.”

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