TWITTER Now Officially A News App.

Twitter, in what seemed like it was suffering from midlife identity crisis, has stopped calling itself a social network. Henceforth, it will refer to itself as a news app.

Generic Twitter image

Its official app in the Apple store has been moved out of its traditional social networks category and is listed alongside more traditional news outlets.

The company has simply made the move on the App Store with the expectation that it will likely help it get more visibility and therefore increased downloads. But this change comes at a time of increasing concern about Twitter’s future.

According to PCMag: “Twitter has struggled with growth recently; its monthly active user base hovers around 300 million, up from 240 million two years ago. Facebook, meanwhile, has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users, an increase of more than 300 million from 2014.

“So it appears that new features aren’t prompting an explosion in user growth. Increasing its app store ranking by switching to the news category might be more successful if Twitter can convince new users looking for news coverage that it is a reasonable alternative to Flipboard or even The New York Times.”