Tupac’s 1996 Hummer Auctions For Nearly $340,000

Tupac‘s Hummer SUV has been auctioned for nearly $340,000 granting the lucky buyer a chance to live his “ambitionz” as a rider with blessings from the late rapper.

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Image: Tupac Amaru Shakur.

There’ll always be memories of the “Hit’em Up” rapper as the late music icon has remained famous many years after death.

One lucky fan now adds this vehicle to his Tupac collection.

Image: The HUMMER SUV is said to be the last owned car by Tupac.

RRAuction.com confirms the 1996 vehicle was bought by Shakur less than a month before he was murdered in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, 1996.

Though there has been controversies on his alleged death, what we do know is,  the HUMMER 96 sold for $337,145.00

Online bidding for the black SUV started about a week ago, precisely on May, 12. Initial expectations on the proceeds was kept at $100,000, reports say.

It’s a surprise what people can spend to get souvenirs from late Tupac Amaru Shakur.

The purchase includes this license plate.

The owner of the costly SUV is said to be an anonymous fan who’s also a huge Tupac collector from the Midwest.

The licence plate shows “YAKNPAK,” in honor of the late rapper Shakur, and the late rapper Yaki ‘Prince’ Kadafi.

Reports say two copies of the vehicle’s registration listed to Shakur was included in the 20-year-old car’s purchase.

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