Trump expecting a truce between Russia and Ukraine

Trump repeats claims he would ‘get deal worked out’ in Ukraine, happy with recent Putin comments

Former US President Donald Trump has been speaking with Sky News’ US partner, NBC News, about the war in Ukraine. 

During an interview with Kristen Welker, which aired in full this morning, Mr Trump said he could not explain in detail how he would end the war between Russia and Ukraine because “if I tell you exactly, I lose all my bargaining chips.

“I would say certain things to Putin,” he said. “I would say certain things to Zelenskyy, both of whom I get along.”

When asked if he would push for a deal that allowed Russian President Vladimir Putin to keep Ukrainian territory, Mr Trump said no. 

“I’d make a fair deal for everybody,” he said. 

He then expressed appreciation for a remark Putin made recently. 

The Russian president previously said: “We surely hear that Mr Trump says he will resolve all burning issues within several days, including the Ukrainian crisis. We cannot help but feel happy about it.”

In response, Trump said: “Well, I like that he said that.

“Because that means what I’m saying is right. I would get him into a room. I’d get Zelenskyy into a room. Then I’d bring them together. And I’d have a deal worked out. I would get a deal worked out. It would’ve been a lot easier before it started.”

Though Mr Trump did not make clear what he would hypothetically do in office regarding the conflict, he frequently argued during the interview that there would not have been a war if he had remained president.