Topless Heidi Klum Making Love To Boyfriend, In The Sea?

Topless Heidi Klum isn’t aware of any law that says one can’t do what lovers do in bed, if they so which to try same in the sea.

Tactile: Heidi lost her balance at one time

The German supermodel was pictured getting extremely sexy with boyfriend Vito Schnabel as both lovebirds take a swim in the ocean of love. Taking a semi-nude dip in the Mediterranean Sea couldn’t be better with bras or body-tight swimsuits.

Heidi is surely, a woman of taste.

The 42-year-old German model who was the first from the country to be crowned a Victoria Secret Angel back in 1999, knows when, where and how to cool off. After all, “love and sex,” they say, “gets better with age.” 

The lovebirds were unable to keep their hands off one another as they took a dip in the water in Pampelonne, Gulf of Saint-Tropez, France after disembarking from their luxury yacht for some time spent on the coastline, a report said. 

Heidi had to strip off her maxi cover up to get the needed freedom. At a point, the modeling icon even discarded her bikini top, going semi-nude in the water with a bare-chested lover boy Vito, 29.

Chilling out: Heidi topped up her tan without a top on, leaning against beau Vito on the coastline

Once a model, always a model, one could rightly argue. Heidi hasn’t forgotten any of her runway gaits as she proved herself a wonderful sight, cat-walking on the coastline for already sore eyes.

How sore can the eyes be, for such a beauty?

Beach glamour: Heidi looked effortless

After soothing nerves for the best part of her romantic adventure, Heidi started on a low pitch, gently climbing on to a rock behind Vito’s back. The stunner used her sturdy other half for support on some of the rocks in the water.

Keeping balance: The stunner used her sturdy other half for support on some of the rocks in the water

Then it was heaven on earth. Bingo! Heidi and Vito rocked the boat away into the sea.

Refreshing: It seemed like thing were going swimmingly in the water for the young couple

Oops: She was a little surprised

It looks like Vito dipped Heidi’s head into the sea so she could get a feel of life underwater, don’t you think? They could be innocent of any charges.

At 42, Heidi Klum could be taking fitness lessons from the 29-year-old Vito in the Mediterranean Sea.

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