Top NFT trends in 2022, and why the rich gets richer with crypto

NFT Games have been really popular these past 18 months. With the massive global adoption of the popular game Axie Infinity, more game developers are entering the space of “play-to-earn” gaming systems.

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These days, playing a fun game is not enough. Gamers are now looking to maximize their playing time by also earning money on the side. This is where NFT Games play a big role in attracting young gamers who also want to invest in cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Some days ago, another promising game, Chumbi Valley, also started its NFT sales. This game is similar to Pokemon, where you have a companion that you can use to fight other monsters throughout the game.

To play this game, you need to hatch an “egg” from which your “monster companion” will emerge. From a starting price of just around $290 USD per “egg” last November, the Chumbi eggs are now selling for a floor price of around $2000 per egg!

The highest selling Chumbi egg gained a price of around 9 ETH (or just around $23,000). Imagine the kind of money that you could have made if you were able to secure a Chumbi egg during its initial launch!

Of course, not everyone gets to join these NFT sales. Before you can join one, you’ll have to join the private discord, Telegram, and Facebook groups where the initial proposals of the NFT games are all uncovered. Some slots are even raffled out, so getting in is not easy. If you don’t spend your time 24/7 looking for these promising NFT games, you won’t be able to get inside the “inner circle”.

This is why you need to have your own inner circle of NFT and crypto enthusiasts who are ready and willing to give you advice when it comes to promising NFT games. If you don’t have your own private group, getting insider information about these drops will be very difficult.

Access to the most promising NFT game projects is usually limited to a small number of individuals. And this is perfectly understandable. They don’t want to share their techniques with the public to keep their strategies profitable